I’ve been busy… Sorry!

Wow, it has been far to long since I’ve had enough time to write. Ok, I could have, probably, but I get tired too. I’ve been across the country for a couple different reasons, but the real win here is that I’ve been all over in such a short amount of time.


My latest two wins of the year have been getting to go to Branson, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois. Two totally different but great times!

Me and some college friends enjoying the day at Silver Dollar City

So, some friends of mine and I went up to Branson, MO for a short weekend trip to have some fun in the hills/mountains of Missouri. Besides acting like kids riding go-karts and getting frozen custard we spent a full day at Silver Dollar City really acting like children!

We opened the park at 9:30 and HIT THE RIDES. Just to give you an small idea of what this little piece of heaven is like, imagine the following. Take the old western in you (Wild, Wild West type) and think of that with a mix of rollercoasters, small shops with people dressed in that time period garments and TONS of rednecks hahaha. That’s what its like, honestly!

That is what Silver Dollar city is and infact, I will event make this easy on you and give you the link to their website: http://www.silverdollarcity.com/theme-park 

Well, after riding Wildfire about 20 times and a total of all the other rides another 20 times throughout the day with the normal gorging on theme park foods it was a great day!!




The next win of the recent exploits was Chicago, Illinois. Damn, what a place that was. I have been all over the United States and have had the opportunity to even travel to Japan, and I was totally shocked by the culture of Chicago.

Jazz and The Blues truly lives on in Chicago. They have embraced their culture and done nothing, but make it a culture rich environment. I absolutely loved the town.


One of my favorite places while in town was Rosa’s Lounge which is a cultural staple in the Blues history of Chicago. I got to truly experience some great music and good times with a couple friends and locals.


I really thought that their sign was awesome. I mean what bar thats been around for over 80 years has a sign that was hand painted and really looks it, haha.


But, besides Rosa’s which was amazing, The Green Mill was also a great place to experience. This is one of Al Capone’s very own favorite places and I go too sit in his own booth, which I thought was pretty crazy, but great!


Great seats and amazing jazz, what else can you ask for? This place had it all for me it seemed. We stayed for hours and grooved out with the group.


Finally, I’m gonna leave you with some pics that I loved from Chicago. The sun has a lot to do with these too.




Hope it was worth the wait!


Thanks for reading!


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