Massive Dreams

Massive dreams are what guide me through the day.

It’s hard to explain the level of which I dream, but I will try here.

I don’t dream about being a Billionaire, but I do dream of having enough money to not be held back by it.

I don’t dream of finding happiness, but I do dream of the journey that make me happy.

I see the end goal when I think about where I can be.

However, what puts my dreams on a “massive” scale is my process that makes these dreams. I think about all these wonderful destinations and how interesting and fulfilling life would be to reach them, but here is what is crazy.

My dreams also consist of the everyday actions I have to take in order to arrive at these destinations. The time I wake up. The food I eat during the day. The amount of time I spend being active daily. The number of hours I put towards work each day. The amount of time and money invest towards learning, self reflection and relaxing.

I always make sure to leave free time in my day for random adventures and just having fun too. I mean with out that is the destination worth the journey?

These truly dedicated thoughts, I feel, give me the advantage on my massive dreams and give me a chance to succeed everyday.

This is what I think of when I think of the word massive.

via Daily Prompt: Massive


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