Daytona Beach, FL 2017 Part 2

In case you need it, Here is the link to Daytona Beach, FL 2017 Part 1.

What a fun night right?

BTW, this part 2 is mainly composed of the pictures that made up my time in Daytona Beach, I hope you enjoy!

Well, reality hit as I was on my first of two flights. I make it on the plane and passed out almost as soon as I sat in my seat.
7:30 AM the next day, after all the fun challenges of flying, layovers and commuting around, I’m waking up to this ocean front view with the amazing sunrise. It was absolutely beautiful.

The day lead to hours of wondering the Beach at Daytona, meeting some interesting people from all over. There were all the usual beach things going on of course. People playing beach volleyball, building sand castles, sunbathing, reading a book under their umbrellas and swimming in the Atlantic.

As I am strolling along, I get to the pier and as I’m walking I get the opportunity to catch a series of pictures that are my absolute favorite! Here is one of them.

I had a pretty busy day with all the seagull fun! There were seagulls EVERYWHERE.

Also, got the lifeguard to pose with some of the gulls, even though he was pretty busy…

The day ended with a few good pints, and some fun times at a local favorite, Ocean Deck with a little local music and karaoke!

Two days later,  Went to the the local dirt car track and had some racing fun to go along with the week full of racing!

Caught some of the racing media mid-interview!

The race is about to start!

And they are off!!

What a fun trip, and great community of people! I can’t wait for the next time I’m in Daytona!



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