Daytona Beach, FL 2017 Part One…

Something I try to not talk about a lot is my occupation. Even though I have, in my opinion, one of the coolest jobs for a young Mid twenties individual. One of the best parts of my job is that I get to travel frequently, which leads to getting to people-watch some of the strangest individuals and meet even quirkier ones!

This week my company had me traveling to Daytona Beach, Florida for an auto racing convention and trade show. Needless to say, I’m not complaining!

So, I’m supposed to be leaving for my trip EARLY Saturday morning of Feb. 18 at 6:50 AM CST for the trip. I somewhat prepared for the trip on Thursday evening, but I was tired from the day and ended up going to bed early. So, when I woke up Friday morning, I decreed that I would finish preparing after work and be ready to go and be in bed early enough to be refreshed and ready to go Saturday morning,


Instead, I succumbed to my free spirited, carefree self and my evening evolved to the Following…

This is a pal of mine, he’s pretty far gone at this point… hahaha

That’s one drunk leprechaun

I got off work and thought to myself, I could go home, pack my bags and be responsible, or I could join a couple of buddies at the local Public House, grab some brews and then join some friends for a good night of poker and card games. The above picture clearly shows what I decided.

So, there I was, playing poker and enjoying friends and beer and one of my buddies just got a new camera and decided to go on a little picture spree. Here is one of the resulting pictures, not that bad in my opinion. Photo crew: An Evening Beer

I could be a model, I swear…

As the night carried on, we proceeded to card games inside, which also resulted in An Evening Beer to start jamming to some old school boy band hiphop! which was hilarious.

This is where we find ourselves drunk and merry with our leprechaun doing weird shit as he decided to place is face on that glass door that you previously got to enjoy. What a great night, but I promise you I later regret not preparing, but oh well.

In closing, I stayed up all night (literally no sleep)- made it home – packed a bag – showered – rushed out the door – and made it to the airport right in time to board at 6:20 AM CST.

I know that I haven’t even made it to Daytona at this point, but the lead up to this trip was to much fun to not mention it and give it the proper attention it deserved.

Yet to come, the actual trip and what all I did!


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