“I promise…”

What are promises?

Think about it… 

Is it a sacred vow to never reveal or forever conceal?

Or, is it a state of fortitude? An act to forever push one’s self? The exactitude of many terms?

How many times do you use the phrase “I promise…”

This could be a completely pointless topic to choose this evening, but in the last couple days I have heard some many fake “promises” that I can’t seem to take them seriously anymore. I like the idea that you can forever hold someone to an obligation, a set forth ideal or even daily practice. But, can you truly hold someone to a so called “promise” anymore?

What I do know is that there are people in this world that bring hope and excitement to this world. I chose to be apart of that group of people. Whether it be through consistency or perseverance, I hope that all can view me form the vantage point of consistency. 

I will bring the real side of the world with brutal honesty and some fun. I truly believe that if it’s not around the the corner then its around the next. Positive thought and actions will always lead to the right action. 

I won’t promise this, but you can take that to the bank. 

Leaving you with a small thought.

If honesty and hope can’t be found, it can’t be for the best.

I promise.


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