Tremble with Joy

A lot of what I have to say, for lack of a better term, is brutally honest. I just feel that the world today isn’t honest enough with everyone and therefore creates a false world in which we live. So, therefore I feel it is in my best interest to be as “Frank” with people as I can, especially though close to me even though some tremble at the idea. 

How this translates into today’s prompt though is the joy that I see with the recent change in my friends, community and country. 

YES. The political climate is nuts right now. Yes, there are going to be a lot of things happen in the next few years. Yes, people might get VERY upset. 

But, here is the important thing behind all of this. We are finally challenging the status quo and people are getting out and doing something about what THEY think and feel. This brings people to the edge of their seat, driving them to feel their own passion about what it means to be on this planet, and I am overcome with joy to see this happen. One could even say I tremble with joy over this. 

I am always the devil’s advocate in situations and push others through brutal honesty. I live by the passion that drives me in my direction. 

Today, I’m closing this post with a question. 

Sometimes, the best change in life is a result of true friends being honest and keeping us accountable. What kind of friend are you?

Tremble | Daily Post


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