Resistance is FUTILE

ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, THE WORLD GETS WHAT IT WANTS. Now depending on how you interpret that first sentence is going to determine how wrong you are about what you are about to read. 

This was not done to deceive you into reading this entry about my thoughts (or was it…), BUT to explain that “the world” isn’t this inanimate masterful flow which controls all that lives, or that it is the “way of things” brought to us by the actions of the few and many. 

In fact there are two meanings to “the world” in which I believe are the only two that matter.   

There is “the world” which is the Earth (Our home planet) and its natural cycle as to how it opperates to consistently keep its own balance. An example of how it keeps that balance are climate cycles. i.e. El Niño, Ice ages and the consistent changes of the tectonic plates. It is impossible, or not recommended to try and resist these cycles. I’m sure there is a Dr. Evil out there that wants to though. 


The other “world” in which I am referring to and the one that I can control is “my world.” In my world, I am driven by my desire to experience, succeed, help and to leave something behind (thank you Sean Rowe for that great song BTW). For a long time I resisted what “I” wanted and did what was not only expected of me, but out performed that expectation to the best I could to bring praise from others into my life. This was really hard to swallow when I realized that I had been doing this for almost the entirety of my life. I have decided to stop resisting and I challenge you to do the same. 

Thanks for reading if you made it here!

Resist | The Daily Post


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