Scent of Inspiration

I’m not entirely sure why I get the inspiration I do sometimes. Simply put, inspiration comes from all over. 

I feel as if today I was meant to write this entry though. I’ve spent the morning working on relabeling secondary containers for my company’s R&D department, even though I don’t work in that department, just to help out. I wanted to think about something else to clear my head and the next thing I knew I’m taking wafts of these weird chemicals to figure out what they might be. As if that would work with my highly expansive experience with chemicals… 

But, what’s strange is right after I have this unique experience of trying to determine what something is based on their scent, I read this daily prompt. (Weird duuuude) 

Not trying to digress from the topic at hand, I am thinking about all the different ways people use the power of smell to accomplish so many things in this world and how something’s scent can effective change a situation all together. It is an astonishing thing after all. One minute I can be unhappily cramped in a metro car that smells of the streets and this dude’s Burger King Whopper and the next I can be outside walking the streets of the neighborhood with the wonderful smell of a family barbecue a few houses down that I am missing out on. 

Thinking about it though, the “scents of the world,” make everyday interesting, spontaneous and delightful. So now as I am writing this blog the scent of any day can be different which reminds me that no matter where you are, things can always change and the change that you are searching for could be right around the corner. 

Scent | Daily Post


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