Lincoln Lake, Arkansas USA

From time to time, a few friends and I like to get together and show our more extreme side. This can consist of just plain camping, backpacking, hiking, rafting, kayaking, rock climbing or shooting some clays.

The views are usually amazing, the days are challenging with plenty of relaxing time and we always have some great laughs.

Here was our view from today when looking away from the rock face:


Today, we decided to head up to a little know lake, concealed in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, just on the outskirts of the Ozark National Forest, called Lincoln Lake. This was my first time visiting and I will definitely be returning for follow-up adventures.

This particular trip was intended for some rock climbing on the bluffs called “Little Devil’s Den.” It was a little chilly, starting the day off around 38° F with about a 10 mph wind gust here and there, but ended up being around 55° F by the time we had enough.

We ended the day at one of my favorite pizza joints for deep-dish pizza and pints of some local brews.

Lincoln Lake
buddy of mine waving from a route – grade 5.10a route (I wish I could climb that)



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